roar SOCIAL's

Roar Social is a groundbreaking new platform with a simple mission: to harness social media and channel it into a powerful force for social impact.

People are
Inherently good

But legacy social media platforms have fallen short of bringing people together. Young people care deeply about issues, but no platform makes it easy to create impact at scale. The time for Roar Social is now.

Changing the world,
one tap at a time

Roar Social has created a powerful engine for positive change - using familiar behaviors that users already know and love. With Gamified Giving, acts of generosity are fun, effortless and meaningful.

Small Actions Create Big Impact

Even if you only have a few cents to give, or just your time and attention, you can make a difference. When the Roar Social community rallies together, tiny gestures can combine to drive enormous impact.

Social Media AS

At Roar Social, users are not The Product, they are The Hero. Our approach will forever change the way we create, consume and think about social media.

Vision for the future

Future generations will be amazed that social media was purely for profit, that it didn’t incorporate social impact giving into its very core.

- Robert Weiss, Founder and CEO