Roar Social Redefines Social Media Into a Force for Social Good

Roar Social Unveils Groundbreaking Social Media Platform and Secures $10M in Seed Funding

Jul 8
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Key Takeaways:

  • Roar Social, a revolutionary social media platform, emerges from stealth mode with $10 million in seed funding. The platform aims to reimagine social media as a powerful tool for social good by combining viral content and engagement with philanthropy.
  • Roar Social invites enthusiastic users to sign up for VIP Early Access to its Beta release, available on Apple’s App Store in the coming summer.
  • The platform empowers Gen Z and Millennials, offering them a means to express their values and contribute to social impact. Roar Social makes giving fun through its innovative “Gamified Giving” approach, replacing the “Like” button with the “Give” button and facilitating micro-donations through its Roar Giving Wallet technology.

Redefining Social Media: Fun, Engaging, and Philanthropic

Roar Social recognizes the cultural significance of Gen Z and young Millennials, who are deeply committed to social issues. Leveraging game-changing technology, Roar Social democratizes philanthropy and transforms social media into a force for social impact. Users, including professional content creators and casual social media users, can now utilize their time, attention, and creative abilities for the greater good.

Roar Social’s “Gamified Giving” approach seamlessly integrates engagement and social impact. By replacing the traditional “Like” button with the “Give” button, the platform’s proprietary Roar Giving Wallet technology enables micro-donations as small as one penny. Roar Social’s ultimate mission is to enable millions of Gen Z and Millennial users to collectively change the world, one tap at a time.

The platform offers a unique user experience that centers around “Hero Cause” communities, where users join forces with allies to create collaborative content and generate real-life impact. Roar Social shifts the focus away from passive entertainment and encourages shared missions and a higher purpose.

Amplifying Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Roar Social provides a remarkable opportunity for brands and advertisers to showcase their corporate social responsibility efforts. The platform offers new and engaging formats that resonate with Gen Z. Nonprofit organizations also benefit from Roar Social, as it enables them to reach a new generation of donors and amplifies their philanthropic efforts.

Seed Funding and Impressive Advisory Board

Despite a challenging venture capital climate for tech startups, Roar Social has successfully raised $10 million in seed capital. This significant achievement has enabled the company to attract top-tier talent, including product and engineering experts from prominent tech companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

Roar Social has also assembled an impressive board of advisors from various fields, including media, technology, advertising, and philanthropy. Notable advisors include Jeff Raikes (former CEO of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Mark Rockefeller (global philanthropist and entrepreneur), John A. Lack (co-founder of MTV), Emma Cookson (partner in The Brandtech Group), Richard Sarnoff (KKR Chairman of Media), Andrew Weinreich (founder of Six Degrees and a social networking pioneer), Heather Moosnick (former executive at YouTube and Hulu), Barrett Garese (founding agent at UTA’s online division), Norma Rosenhain (Founder of CREATA), and Alex Godelman (technology/product thought leader).

Founder’s Vision and Personal Dedication

For Roar Social’s founder and CEO, Robert Weiss, the platform represents the realization of a lifelong ambition to tap into humanity’s altruism through technology. Weiss has had a diverse career spanning news, social media, entertainment, and technology, and he has always believed in the potential of social media as a positive force for change. With Gen Z and Millennials at the forefront of cultural transformation, Weiss believes that the time for Roar Social is now.

Roar Social Foundation: Connecting Users and Nonprofits

As part of its launch, Roar Social is introducing the Roar Social Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The foundation will facilitate the collection and distribution of donations based on user behavior on the Roar Social platform, making generosity frictionless and enjoyable. It serves as a bridge between users and nonprofits, ensuring that social media becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Creators, influencers, and users are invited to join the VIP Early Access list at

About Roar Social:

Roar Social is a groundbreaking social media platform that reimagines social media as a powerful engine for social impact. Founded in 2020 by visionary leaders in technology and media, Roar Social replaces the “Like” button with the “Give” button, empowering millions of users to participate in philanthropy and change the world through their engagement. The platform utilizes “Gamified Giving” to transform social media into a force for good, one tap at a time.

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