Roar Social Shakes Up Social Media and Unleashes a New Era

Roar Social, a groundbreaking new social media platform, launches out of stealth mode with over $10 million in seed funding.

Jun 29
4 min

Roar Social, a groundbreaking new social media platform, launches out of stealth mode with over $10 million in seed funding. Reimagining social media as a force for social good, the platform is now welcoming enthusiastic users to sign up for VIP Early Access to its Beta release, which comes to Apple’s App Store this summer.

Roar Social will revolutionize both social media and philanthropy, giving Gen Z and Millennials a powerful tool to assert their values. Roar Social makes social impact fun, leveraging the viral content and engagement that users already love – and channeling it into a larger social purpose. Everyone – from professional content creators to casual social media users – can harness their time, attention and creative superpowers for good.

“Roar Social is meeting a cultural moment,” said technologist and serial entrepreneur Robert Weiss, CEO and Founder of Roar Social. “Gen Z and young Millennials care deeply about social issues, more than any other generation. There is a real opportunity for disruption. Using our game-changing technology, Roar Social will democratize philanthropy. With Gamified Giving as our secret sauce, being generous has never been more fun.”

Roar Social’s innovative “Gamified Giving” approach seamlessly intertwines engagement and social impact. The company’s proprietary Roar Giving Wallet technology – facilitating micro-donations as small as one penny – essentially replaces the “Like” with the “Give.” Roar Social’s ultimate mission is to put philanthropy in the hands of millions of Gen Z and Millennial users, making it possible for everyone to help collectively change the world, one tap at a time.

Roar Social offers a distinctive user experience. Instead of organizing around the usual creators and followers, Roar Social users choose “Hero Cause” communities and join forces with “allies,” who use collaborative content formats to entertain and generate real-life impact. The entire platform is about creating, engaging, raising, and donating – shifting incentives away from passive entertainment and toward shared missions and a higher purpose.

The platform provides a unique opportunity for brands and advertisers to highlight their corporate social responsibility efforts, using new and engaging formats that connect with Gen Z. And for nonprofits, Roar Social supercharges philanthropy by allowing them to reach beyond their typical donor base to a new generation of donors.

Roar Social’s revolutionary approach has enabled the company to successfully fundraise at a time when many tech startups are struggling in a tough venture capital climate. As legacy social media companies are facing scrutiny and shedding employees, Roar Social’s $10M seed capital has allowed it to attract a world-class team, including product and engineering talent from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and LinkedIn.

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